325 South Spanish St
Cape Girardeau, MO

National Register
of Historic Places
A Story in Every Room

Celebrate the 130th birthday of the Glenn House


Our Goal: $130,000 FOR 130 YEARS

Step through history at the Glenn House where there is a story in
every room.

The Glenn House is 130 years old. The restoration was
completed almost 40 years ago. The many years of use have
taken their toll and there is much critically needed repair and
restoration to preserve the house.

Some of the key items that must be addressed:

  • Complete repair of front porch including flooring,
    columns, upper and lower railings and upper porch roof.
    This project was completed in the spring of 2013.
  • Tuck point the exterior brick and repair the wood trim and
    paint both.
  • The wash house northwest wall is damaged and settling
    and must be supported and repaired.
  • Interior plaster walls and ceilings need cracks repaired
    and refinished along with wallpaper replacement.               
    The second floor ceiling repair was started in January
    2014, and was completed in April 2014.
  • General repair refinishing of doors and windows.
  • Repair of interior brick walls in the Carriage House.
  • Reset and repair front stone retaining wall.
  • Replacement of select rugs and carpets along with some
    hardwood floor repair and refinishing.
  • In addition, there are many other age related
    maintenance issues involving furnishings, floors, gutters,
    plumbing, HVAC systems, and more.


Why is the Glenn House worthy of individual as well as group
concern and contribution?  Those are valid questions easily and
passionately answered.  

The building is so much more than a pretty house. It was
designed by a local master builder as a wedding gift for his
daughter, Lula Deane Glenn, whose family came to personify the
city of Cape during its emergence into the twentieth century. The
house kept pace with the growing influence and wealth of the
family taking on the decorative elements of the Victorian style as
the bustling city of Cape mimicked national trends.

Is David Glenn’s family story important? Absolutely! The Glenn’s
story parallels the local emergence of business and banking in
Cape Girardeau. Their home reflects the social rise and
aesthetic tastes of the upper class in the thriving river
community, including its ups and downs. Where they lived,
played and struggled is still available to us in a tangible, three-
dimensional form, preserving for the Cape Girardeau community
a record of our past – the life, the activity, the values – in a vivid
living setting. The Glenn House physically links us to our past.  It
provides beauty and nostalgia. It provides grounding for us as
we encounter our future endeavors in the face of looming and
rapid change. It reminds us who we are.

You Can Cement Your Support with
Personally Engraved Bricks

Place your personally engraved brick within this arbor

Here is your unprecedented opportunity to cement your
place at the Glenn House:

  • $2,500 Gold Level - place a personalized
    engraved 8”x 8” brick within the arbor walkway

  • $1,000 Silver Level - place a personalized
    engraved 4”x 8” brick within the arbor walkway

Ongoing support options:

  • Estate Planning
  • Annual Membership
  • Private Events
  • Group Tours

Capital Fund Campaign Donation
Donation Levels and Recognition

    $2500.00+ Gold Level
    Receives an engraved 8x8 paving brick*

    $1000.00+ Silver Level
    Receives an engraved 4x8 paving brick*

    $500.00+ Bronze Level
    Receives an engraved acrylic memento

    $250.00+ Copper Level
    Receives framed Glenn House print

Engraved bricks will be personalized and placed in the Glenn
House arbor walkway. *

All support is welcome and capital fund donations, as well as
pledges, have future payment options available.

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You may also mail donations and pledges to:
Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, Inc.
P.O. Box 1982
Cape Girardeau, MO  63702-1982

The Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, Inc. is a
501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

MISSION: The mission is community-wide and encompasses
the preservation of Cape Girardeau’s social, cultural and
economic heritage. The Glenn House is owned and operated by
the Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, Inc., which
is a non-profit organization that nurtures among local residents
and visitors a knowledge of, and appreciation for, the heritage of
Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  To realize this purpose, the Historical
Association operates the Glenn House, a house museum, listed
on the National Register of Historic Places, to document,
preserve, and interpret for the public the Victorian era
architecture, social history and material culture associated with
Cape Girardeau’s boom years at the turn of the century.

Together we can preserve the Glenn House for many years to